Tate Ryder Rimmed And Fucked By Thierry Lamasse

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Tate Ryder
Thierry Lamasse
Anal Hardcore Muscle Tattooed Men

Tate and Thierry are still working in the hotel. Making slow progress as usual but Tate loves interrupting his workmate. He interrupts Thierry’s lunch and gets his help to deal with a big box that had been delivered just before lunch. As they open the box Tate sees that it contains a new sofa, and what better way to make sure that it’s sturdy enough for general public use than getting pounded on it! Tate loses no time and pulls Thierry to him in a hot wet kiss, while his tongue works Thierry’s mouth, his hands start working towards getting free from the little restraint offered by the overalls. Tate gets to work Thierry’s beautiful and thick cock and while on all fours having a mouthful of French meat, Thierry notices Tate’s smooth golden ass but his mouth is doing too good a hob to stop now. Laying down offer easier access and Thierry reaches out and fingers Tate. Thierry pushes Tate back, rips his overalls and starts playing with it alternating between mouth and fingers. Judging by T

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