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While I was travelling over the Christmas period in Germany

I finally got to meet and shoot with one of my favourite por

When our mate Cody James returned to making new shoots last

Big things do come in small packages. You only have to ask s

Im pretty excited about todays update on BentleyRace. Mostly

Im excited about todays shoot with my mates Cody James the s

Let me introduce to our newest mate. Its 24 year old Scottis

It was a pleasure getting my sexy mates Skippy Baxter and ne

You know that I take great pleasure in setting up my mates.

I have had such a large range of guys join our group of mate

I want to introduce you to my new mate Harry Lane. Harry is

Im so excited today about one of my favourite mates returnin

One of my favourite mates to shoot with is Lucas Deen. We st

Hot on the tail of his first topping scene Skippy is keen to

I just spent the past month hanging out with some very sexy

I really liked shooting with the hunky Danny Johnston in the

Im finding it interesting how my straight guys like getting

One of the sexiest European porn stars Ive had the pleasure

Im pretty excited this morning to post Aros shoot with me in

I have to pinch myself when I get to meet and shoot with por

I love it when some of my geek mates want to try out making

I want to introduce you to my cute new mate Sergio Duque. I

I recently got to spend a whole month in Texas getting to me

Over the past summer in Australia we had some really fun out

One of the hottest videos Ive made with our twink mates is t

Ive met some pretty dam sexy men on my travels so far this y

One of the cutest guys I got to meet during my stay in Texas

Im excited about todays update on Bentley Race. Today I have

After meeting up with 26 year old James Nowak in Melbourne a

I want to introduce you to my beautiful new mate, 24 year ol

One of my favourite scenes shot in Melbourne last year was w

Im really excited about todays update at BentleyRace. After

One of the most popular guys on BentleyRace this year is the

This is one of our mates hook ups that Ive been super excite

I love hooking up my cute mates for hot scenes on BentleyRac

My beautiful mate Sarpa Van Rider is back doing shoots with

I want you to meet my new mate Jesse Carter. This 26 year ol

I had so much fun meeting lots of beautiful men while I was

Today I have published my first shoot with this very cute Po

I have a lot of new guys who did their first shoots with me

Sometimes the simplest of shoots turn out to be the best. I

Even though we live at different sides of the planet, Jeffry

Im having so much fun shooting with my mate Tate Ryder again

Im excited about todays newest addition to our group of mate

Theres an extra special shoot on Bentley Race today for our

I get to meet and shoot with a lot of handsome and sexy men

I recently got my sexy mate Sam Sivahn around for this shoot

Im really excited to show off my new mate Patrik Vass today.

My sexy mate Luc Dean recently brought his cute mate Rory De

One of the hottest pair ups on Bentley Race this year is goi

Joining us this week is local hottie Dylan Anderson. The 28

During my travels I have met some really beautiful men from

My cute mate Reece Anderson is back on Bentley this week doi

Lately I have been getting some really beautiful Australian

I am finally catching up on the shoots I did during my trip

My handsome Hungarian mate, Christiano Szucs is back for a s

Im continuing to add more new Aussie boys to the website thi

I am catching up on the shoots with our new straight mates t

Im really happy to see many of my beautiful mates from last

Earlier this year I met up with this cute Brazilian guy whil

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