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Italian newcomer Daniele Montana and Hungarian cutie Marc Di

Alejandro - Private Sex Files

Andrea - XXX Castings

Roberto and Giorgio hit it off. Ive seldom seen this strong

I took Angelo and my stills man to the Central Station in Ca

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Mark, 20, is one of the hunkiest, sexiest, most promising ca

Eric and Vilem are real-life friends. Both consider themselv

You watched real-life lovers Diego and Wagner in part 1: big

He was Mr. Gay Netherlands at 16. He became a fashion model.

Marc is 21. Always cheerful and outgoing, hes seriously into

Jean Franko needs no introduction. This hunky Venezuelan sna

What is it that Alex needs from Daniele! A muscle-building w

Luca Armi heats up the Brazilian Summer at LucasKazan: rippe

Happy birthday, JEAN FRANKO. This hunky Sagittarius just exu

Rhys Jagger, Up Close

You first met Marco in a solo for LucasKazan --his big cock

Hes a fitness professional from Southern Italy... And you ca

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The Blogger - Sergyo Brute Club

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Logan and Leo have broken off. Memories of their happy times

What ignites Brunos dreams! Darios huge cock! His mouth! His

What goes on in most Italian nightclubs! Some patrons get bu

Leonardo is a 22 year old bricklayer with lush, full lips an

They say good things come in small packages... Meet Ricky, 5

I think Stefano and dynamo comes to mind. The most inventive

Jim is the first of three Romanian applicants. Romania is kn

French charm and Latin heat: we knew we couldnt go wrong wit

Italian stallion Max and Czech superstar Vilem are a match m

15th anniversary set: DEREK CAMERON: Celebrating 15 years of

Brute Club, Up Close

Alessio is a pig. When I paired him with Gigi for his second

Ettore and Giuseppe play table football. Whats at stake! Who

I love all aspects of sex, says Alex, 3ways, 4ways, orgies..

Giuseppe, 24, is pursuing a career in modeling. Luckily for

Victor is 20 and is pursuing a career in fitness modeling. N

An international meltdown. Absolutely sexy duo... So the blo

Italian newcomer Pasquale is 20 and works as a bartender in

Alex Magnum is a pro. 6 feet tall, a mountain of muscles and

Giuseppe has been steadily growing his fan base. No surprise

Of the three Romanian applicants I screened in Cluj-Napoca,

His first audition told me everything I needed to know about

Andre is 23. This hot Brazilian newcomer is attracted to mas

Theres always been something sexy about a French accent, esp

Talk about a swimmers build... A real swimming instructor, G

Philippe is only 19, but has already honed his porn skills.

I picked up Philippe at the Brindisi airport. One look at th

Jean Franko needs no introduction. His latin good looks, fur

Business man or leather stud! Alex Magnum shares his two per

Sexy, well built and popular. I thought Andrea was straight,

Daniele found his soul mate so he says and retired from porn

Ripped, muscle-bound, strong... I cant find enough words to

Some people are just fun to be around. Yes, Alex is well-end

Sparks flew when Giuseppe and Ettore first met. I couldnt he

XXFactor named Lucas Andrades Best Chest. Which does justice

If you doubt the boys from Palermo are the sexiest and the m

Ettore Tosi debuted in 1998 and has since become the spokesm

A ghost hotel, an architect, a horny vagabond. Power bottom

A Sicilian immigrant working in Belgium, 21 year old Tano is

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