Japanese Gay Pictures

( albums)
Summer Night Crawling

Zentai Hentai

Introducing Wataru

Analog 7: Diversion

Tough Guys Orgy

Tea, Smokes and Yukiya

Analog vol. 6: Gush

Wild Classroom 2: Test Studying

Sex Judo

Open Invitation

Wild Classroom 3: Detention

Muscle Relaxants Pt. 1

The Gym Lesson

Top Cops, Scene 1

After The Date


Top Cops, Scene 2

Kinbaku -Moan-

Top Cops, Scene 3

Lucky Haru Gets Rikiya

Office Fuck Foursome

Top Cops 4

Mating Season

Ramu Gets Some Ricky


Top Cops 5

New Boy Kageyoshi Part Two

Midas Touch

Fujis One Night Stand

Top Cops 6

Smokin Fags, Part 2

Masters of the Iron Cock, Scene Two

The Fuji Treatment


Wet, Hot Hiroya Summer: Creampies for Four

Masters of the Iron Cock, Scene Three

Wet, Hot Hiroya Summer: Twinkies In Class

Peaches and Cream

Masters of the Iron Cock, Scene Four

Khan Son Blow

Before Sleeping

Tomo Takes A Sex Holiday With Fuji

A Threesome Ko, Kiba And Makoto Part Two

Superstar Fuji Plows Haru

Summer of Love

Masters of the Iron Cock, Scene One

Ruito Gives it to Kouya

Fujis Rock Hard Shame

Introducing Hazime

Yusakus Big Meat Therapy

Fuji Gets Ryu Horny

Misaki Makes A Big Splash

Hirokis Solo

Fit To Be Tied Stroked!

Tea For Two Takeru Keiji

Yusaku Has His Way With Ryuzaki

Loads Of Fun

Happy Ending For Two

Masaru Yuji Revin Up!

Naughty Deep!

BelAmi Special Offer