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Dirty Scout 287

Consulting Cock Part 2

Consulting Cock Part 3

Supervisor Part 1

The Boss, Part 2

Consulting Cock Part 1

Supervisor Part 2

The first applicant today was a proper man indeed. Muscular

A security guard in a nightclub wouldnt be exactly my dream

I never heard about a high-school for machinery and transpor

Some guys really have strange expectations. The one who came

The first applicant was a young gentleman, indeed. Well-dres

When the first applicant appeared I noticed some strange dia

Sometimes I am really shocked when some young applicants tel

Ive met many nice boys during the last months. But Ive never

I scheduled a job-interview for a waiter this day. A huge ne

Everybody has a different motivation to apply for a new job.

A little beauty walked into my office this morning. Well dre

What a busy day! First applicant was a would-be bartender an

Another busy day in the office. I guess, there are so many y

The first applicant today called me and cancelled the schedu

The salaries in the eastern parts of the Czech Republic are

Inappropriate relationship at the workplace can be messy. Th

I usually dont like those over-confidant swaggers but the fi

I like when a young and interesting guy pays me a visit in m

What happened today was also quite new for me. A guy came in

Another young applicant today. He just turned 22 and graduat

My secretary brought me a lovely cutie as a first thing in t

I still remember when I had the first job-interview myself.

The first applicant almost made me doubt my judgment. From t

As we all know - pictures can lie. When I saw the CV from to

My assistant already told me that my first applicant today l

Pillow Talk: Part 1

Pillow Talk: Part 3

Pillow Talk: Part 4

Pillow Talk: Part 5

Andrew Stark and his colleague Enrique Romo like to fuck but

Rocco Reed has an issue at work but hes not sure if its a pr

Damien Crosse was paid to stalk sexy Goran but just closer h

Andrew Stark invites junior sales rep Chris Bines on a sales

Andy Taylor is moving into Connor Maguires old job and gets

Being the best employee at Damien Crosses company comes with

Closeted Rocco Reed has a secret rendez-vous with office col

Liam Magnuson works in the same office as fellow stud Landon

Office assistant Colby Jansen has earned a special treat fro

Office assistant Colby Jansen has earned a special treat fro

The best part about being out of town for Marcus Ruhl is the

Its a case of lust at first site for Colby Jansen and the ne

Mike De Markos assistant Tommy Defendi takes a phone call wh

Its Donny Wrights last day on the job and his boss, Rocco Re

Dato Foland Goran are interviewing for the same job but the

Rod Daily dishes to Mike De Marko that hes been having reall

Damien Crosse used his job as a concierge to secretly watch

In part 3 of MENs Hotel X Series, Tony Rivera totally submit

Diego Lauzen has the good fortune of getting stuck in an ele

Chris Bines likes working out after a hard day at the office

Sharing Cock With The Boss

Mitch Vaughn wants JP Richards to prove to him just how much

Pervy boss Mitch Vaughn finally digs up enough leverage on n

Dustin Fitch and Julian Smiles have a cheap boss, which mean

BelAmi Special Offer