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Dirty Scout 217

Dirty Scout 222

Dirty Scout 220

Dirty Scout 221

Dirty Scout 219

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Dirty Scout 213

Dirty Scout 209

Dirty Scout 215

I just love playing football with my friends. Unfortunately,

Finally Im back at the office. It was terrible just lying ar

This boy looked very shy and nervous. His appearance was a b

Some people I meet in my office have a very powerful story t

Another applicant from outside Prague. He came the long way

The first guy who come in today was rather an IT guy. He loo

Today was unusually quiet. I almost started to worry that I

Foreigners from Eastern Europe often come to the Czech Repub

Another boy who traveled across the republic to finally get

A busy day at the office. I interviewed 14 people today, it

Two young cuties visited my agency today. My secretary showe

When this guy came in, I immediately noticed that he was not

I dont usually have engineers coming in my office. This one

Two young cuties visited my agency today. My secretary showe

Hotel X

Nervous Intern

Am Eye For A Guy

The Promotion

Going Down Part 2

Reply All Part 1

Lunch Time Flirting

The Business Of Sex Part 2

Supervisor Part 3

Consulting Cock Part 2

Consulting Cock Part 3

Supervisor Part 1

The Boss, Part 2

Consulting Cock Part 1

Supervisor Part 2

The first applicant today was a proper man indeed. Muscular

A security guard in a nightclub wouldnt be exactly my dream

Another vacancy for a shop assistant today. Two applicants a

I never heard about a high-school for machinery and transpor

Some guys really have strange expectations. The one who came

The first applicant was a young gentleman, indeed. Well-dres

When the first applicant appeared I noticed some strange dia

Sometimes I am really shocked when some young applicants tel

Ive met many nice boys during the last months. But Ive never

I scheduled a job-interview for a waiter this day. A huge ne

Everybody has a different motivation to apply for a new job.

Its warehouse-day again. I will probably never understand wh

A little beauty walked into my office this morning. Well dre

What a busy day! First applicant was a would-be bartender an

Another busy day in the office. I guess, there are so many y

The first applicant today called me and cancelled the schedu

The salaries in the eastern parts of the Czech Republic are

Inappropriate relationship at the workplace can be messy. Th

I usually dont like those over-confidant swaggers but the fi

I like when a young and interesting guy pays me a visit in m

What happened today was also quite new for me. A guy came in

Another young applicant today. He just turned 22 and graduat

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