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Latin Leche - scene 54

Latin Leche - scene 54

Latin Leche - scene 54

Czech Hunter 503

Czech Hunter 502

Czech Hunter 504

Latin Leche - scene 51

Latin Leche - scene 51

Numero 122

Czech Hunter 496

Czech Hunter 495

Czech Hunter 494

Latin Leche - scene 48

Numero 125

Numero 126

Numero 128

Numero 129

Numero 130

Czech Hunter 493

Czech Hunter 492

Czech Hunter 491

Numero 132

Numero 134

Numero 133

Latin Leche - scene 39

Latin Leche - scene 39

Latin Leche - scene 39

Czech Hunter 490

Czech Hunter 489

Czech Hunter 488

I didt sleep well. Night mares were killing me. Woke up piss

It was a sunny afternoon when I went to the shopping-center

It was one of those cold winter days which I really hate. A

I woke up today a little bit late. But I noticed that I alre

I am gay. But I am into straight boys. It is a big turn-on f

debt dandy set 13

So its time to introduce the General. Of course he has a rea

I loved my job. But when I visited Jiri from Czechhunter hal

A few weeks ago I met a really cute guy. He played basketbal

Some days are just strange. It doesnt matter how many guys I

Today I found myself in the middle of the Jiraskuv bridge. S

It was one of those last late-summer days which made me visi

We have a pretty huge Vietnamese market here in Prague. Its

I have spent the weekend in a small hut in the nearby mounta

I never leave home without my cam. When I saw a blond cutie

When I was a child my parents often took me to a campsite ne

I spent the whole day in a small restaurant watching boys at

I had to take a long ride to get to the house of my todays t

What I saw today was just horrible. When the guy opened the

I had very special mood today. Couldnt decide which young ma

On this glorious afternoon, Ive received a call from a young

Todays little brother in debts looked really really young. H

It was a rainy late afternoon when I had a meeting with a yo

I am always curious how the boys look like who called me to

Another boy who claimed to be straight as hell. Well, the on

Today I picked Ziskov, a very dirty and dodgy part of Prague

This summer feeling as they call it, is making me so horny.

With all the fuzz going around me I was worried if I am gonn

Train stations are not my favorite spots to hunt. But they h

Straight and Proud thats how todays catch called himself. He

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