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I stopped muscular hunk Shane while he was out on a run. I c

I found Lorenzo in an alley waiting on a friend and I was st

Today I was hunting in front of the TV casting studio. I wan

Zdenek was a boy who let me fuck him recently because he nee

I met Zdenek while walking along a beach. The place was surp

Today I called one of my guys and told him that he can have

There are many beautiful islands on the Vltava river. One of

When this boy called me, he told me that he cant afford to t

Life in the northern part of the Czech Republic was way too

This boy wasnt exactly a genius. He lived at his brother and

Today I visited a mysterious foreigner in need. This poor It

Ales looked like someone who used to be a nerd for the most

Another boy from a small town in my office. This poor boy tr

I couldnt believe this guy was just an ordinary room painter

I didnt like this guy at the beginning. I expect some degree

This young man wanted to move to Prague but he needed a job

Summer is still in full swing here in the Czech Republic. Pe

This was an exceptionally warm day. I couldnt decide where t

I met this crazy guy at a subway station. He loved sweets an

It was a terrible rainy day and I was stupid enough to hunt

Bingo! I was in the mood for really dirty sex today. And the

Today I wanted to tap some cute and tiny ass. So Ive had to

This cold weather is starting to bother me. Only way how to

I got a call from a cute sporty hunk who I fucked earlier th

Ive decided to try my luck at the University this time. Huge

Its warehouse-day again. I will probably never understand wh

A little beauty walked into my office this morning. Well dre

The first applicant today called me and cancelled the schedu

Inappropriate relationship at the workplace can be messy. Th

I usually dont like those over-confidant swaggers but the fi

I like when a young and interesting guy pays me a visit in m

Another young applicant today. He just turned 22 and graduat

My secretary brought me a lovely cutie as a first thing in t

I still remember when I had the first job-interview myself.

Today I had a vacancy for a job assistant. For those of you

The first applicant almost made me doubt my judgment. From t

A friend on mine is still looking for 5 more employees for h

I think confidence is a very useful trait. But today applica

My assistant already told me that my first applicant today l

The lowest debt ever. This young fella needs only 11,000. Sp

Stupidity and lack of thinking brought him into the situatio

I hope you all survived the christmas parties and the hangov

So finally the Xmas is here and we are looking forward to ne

Another friday morning, and I feel so horny. Not that I dont

Another friday arrived. I bet you are as exhausted as I am a

As they say, Christmas is always around the corner. And toda

I had a mood for some real kinky and educational act today.

Today I finally realized why I fancy boys and dont like girl

2015 is already here so here comes my first new years boy. I

Today I was desperate. Been walking around the city centre f

I have been waiting for something like this for a long time.

I ended up in the very city centre of Prague, close to Wench

Powered up after a gym Ive decided to go right to the bus st

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