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Like every year I have the feeling that I gained a few kilos

I dont consider myself to be a money lender. To be honest, I

This had to be the shiest boy I have ever met in my office.

A very interesting guy today. Two things brought him into my

A cute Slovakian guy came to my office today. He wanted to m






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This boy really had work experiences. He moved to Prague fro

This boy surprised me a lot. He looked very young but he alr

There arent that many people who would be able to work at a

I just love playing football with my friends. Unfortunately,

Today I met a young guy in the metro. He was originally from

I was on the way to the Christmas market when I noticed a yo

When I left the station I noticed a young guy having a phone

Since almost one year Peter, one of my closest friends, asks

When I arrived at my clients place today I noticed already f

It was indeed a surprise for me to see that guys friend comi

Whenever I think that nothing can shock me anymore a new cli

A busy day at the office. I interviewed 14 people today, it

My day didnt start too well. I spent the whole morning searc

Today I started to hunt at a quite public square when it sud

Todays client wanted our meeting to take place in a restaura

So young and already in such a big trouble. When I visited t

The first applicant today was a proper man indeed. Muscular

Another vacancy for a shop assistant today. Two applicants a

The first applicant was a young gentleman, indeed. Well-dres

When the first applicant appeared I noticed some strange dia

Sometimes I am really shocked when some young applicants tel

Ive met many nice boys during the last months. But Ive never

Young guys today sometimes dont have manners. Whats the poin

When I arrived in todays clients apartment at the top-floor

Today I had an interesting call. An apparently young guy was

Hi everybody. Please let me introduce introduce myself: Im M

It was a long ride to get to my todays meeting. He lived out

You need money! Ok, Ill come over and hear you out. And mayb

We went through the usual procedure of me asking about their

Todays pick was a Russian guy. There is something about Russ

With this job I discovered for myself that Czechs do not hav

The urge to fuck was strong. But as there were almost one we

I was so exhausted and about to crush into the bed but sudde

I happen to be out of Prague this time. Almost had to drive

I noticed him already a couple of minutes before. But as he

No doubt - this guy was 200 percent straight. A muscle-boy w

Today something very crazy happened to me. Met two boys, one

It was one of first nice spring days so with great mood I we

A little beauty walked into my office this morning. Well dre

The first applicant today called me and cancelled the schedu

Inappropriate relationship at the workplace can be messy. Th

I usually dont like those over-confidant swaggers but the fi

I like when a young and interesting guy pays me a visit in m

Another young applicant today. He just turned 22 and graduat

My secretary brought me a lovely cutie as a first thing in t

I still remember when I had the first job-interview myself.

Today I had a vacancy for a job assistant. For those of you

The first applicant almost made me doubt my judgment. From t

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