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Boyfriend Dick

I Wish It Was Yours

After stumbling into a post-ap

Its a quiet night at the local

Total Exposure 1, Scene 10

One of the hottest fucks Ive shot, we were lucky to have two

Yohann Banks has taken over interviewing possible candidates

It London and it snowing. Again! But the heat inside is turn

When he thinks no one s looking, Ben Brown strips out of his

Co-workers Hammer and Crowbar, played by Bruno Knight and Sa

There s nothing worse than sweltering in a hot room when the

Trojan s Handymen are at it again! Hot muscle cub Spanner, p

Yohan played by Patrick Banks is the new office manager at T

Trojan s Handymen are now being watched by Trojan Rock himse

Trojan Rock s got his hidden cameras set up so he can spy on

Gio Cruz, known as Spanner at Trojan s ToolBox HQ, is sent o

Alec Hill is working out at Trojan Rocks s gym, hoping to ma

Trojan s got plenty of work to do and doesn t need Randy Jon

The men at Trojan s Toolbox are getting rewarded for working

Spanner Ben Brown has been working his ass off lately and he

Trojan Rock is rewarding Bruno Knight with a massage from Ma

Sometimes, if you don t produce as an employee, you must be

When Driller, played by Gio Cruz, is in the locker room chan

With nothing to do at Trojan s Toolbox HQ, Issac Jones and V

If you like your men beefy, hung, and full of testosterone,

Sitting in the employee locker room at Toolbox HQ with nothi

Trojan Rock discovers Ben Brown is the one responsible for s

While waiting for Trojan to come and play with him, Dolan Wo

Scott Hunter might be new to the porn industry but when it c

Hot and hairy muscle bear Bruno Knight might not get topped

The horny masculine men at The ToolBox are at it again. This

Beefy muscle bear Spencer Reed s having his tea and supervis

Lucio Saints, the hung Spaniard with the uncut monster cock,

Thierry Lamasse and Tate Ryder have been hired to work on th

Trojan Rock is back and calls Handyman Marco Sessions to fin

Unsuccessful in reaching Marco, Trojan then calls Scott Hunt

Exasperated, Trojan calls Damian Boss. The hung, bearded stu

Yohann Banks is home and calling in sick. But he rsquos not

After being introduced to Antonio Garcia by a mutual friend,

Freshly arrived in London, Geoffrey Paine and Joe Gunn are s

We rsquove all heard that the way to a man rsquos heart is h

What do you get when you take one very tall, handsome, beard

When you have a mess of papers to look through and a deadlin

Nathan Price and Conner Habib

Behind The Scenes June 2012

Nathan Price and Gio Cruz

Jack Union and Scott Hunter

Scott Hunter

Valentin Alsina and Pablo Nunez

Jean Franco and Lucio Saints

Issac Jones and Dominic Pacifico

Behind The Scenes: July 2012

HustlaBall Live Stage Orgy

Tiko and Pete Finland

Spencer Reed and Sam Barclay

Marco Sessions Solo

Alphamales - Spencer Reed, Dominic Pacifico and Billy Baval

Alphamales - Valentin Alsina, Adam Killian, Aitor Crash, Damian Boss, Spencer Reed, Dominic Pacifico and Billy Baval

Alphamales - Jack Union

Alphamales - Aitor Crash, Dominic Pacifico and Damian Boss

BelAmi Special Offer